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Modular Lap Pool

Hello fellow lap pool swimmers!

If you need a lap pool, you've come to the right place.


Swimming is one of the best all around exercises you can do! Health is wealth, and your body is your temple.

This pool was installed partially in ground.

We offer more affordable lap pools!

Welcome to the Above Ground Modular Lap Pool website. We make affordable, durable, versatile, above ground lap pools, to fit your size requirements. We have customers that have installed our pool partially inground, and totally inground as well.

Some people like to get on a treadmill and jog. Others like to get out on the road and run! Some people like to swim against a current, some people like to swim real laps like Michael Phelps.

Our pools are six feet wide and the panels come in 5-foot increments, so we can build a pool that fits your space.

Our Modular Lap Pool is an innovative product with Patent Pending.

As mentioned, we offer a very versatile modular lap pool that can be built to any length to fit your site. For example, if you have 10 feet of space for a plunge pool, you get 4 side panels, 2 bottom panels, and 2 end panels. If you have 80 feet of space for a lap pool, you would get 32 side panels, 16 bottom panels, and 2 end panels. The lap pool is six feet wide and 50 inches deep, built to your desired length.

The outside walls may be finished to fit your taste. It could be siding to match your house, or may just be a latticework covering. This is not a canvas-walled pool. It is double-walled with insulation in the side panels made from a strong, durable, composite material. This makes it perfect for the serious lap swimmer or the recreational lap swimmer. No more going to the gym or paying for club memberships just to swim.

Benefits of the Modular Lap Pool:

Durable double-wall composite construction
Minimal space requirements
Ease of assembly
Custom length ability
Above ground or in-ground installation
Movable, resellable
Shipped in parts, not one big piece

This is the perfect swimming pool for fun, fitness or therapy.

Pooch ready for a swim...

30-foot pool on side yard of house
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