About us


We are based in Santa Barbara, California. We build and offer an affordable lap pool that will fit the budget and space limitations of many people.

Early Model parts
The new design

This lap pool is for all you worn out weekend warriors, like me! I spent years jogging and marathoning and now my knee is worn out. Swimming is a perfect low impact sport/exercise. I can either swim laps or even just walk laps in the pool. Now you can have a quality lap pool in your own yard or facility.
You purchase the number of sections to fit your space. At present we only offer a Lap Pool which is 6 feet wide, about the standard swim lane width. Each section is 5 feet in length. The photo above gives you an idea of the design. The sections are bolted together with stainless bolts. The interior is custom fitted with a vinyl liner for ease of cleaning and leak proof seal. The pool can usually be installed in a day or two. We supply a pump and filter package with the pool or there are many pump and filter products on the market to choose from depending on your needs. We can suggest a few options or your local pool contractor probably has good connections.
This pool can be disassembled and moved, saving thousands of $ over building a permanent pool.

Company history

 Santa Barbara Modular Lap Pool is excited to offer its new insulated double wall composite thermoformed lap pool. We have spent the last five years working to evaluate and perfect different methods and materials to produce our modular lap pool. Our first pools were fiberglass but now we are developing our pools using materials similar to those used in the modern spas.

Pricing for a 30 ft pool is $16,990, depending on pump and filter choice. A 40 Ft pool is $18,499. Please contact us for more pricing information.