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Pricing for the Modular Lap Pool varies depending on the length of the pool.

A 30 ft. pool consists of 12 side panels, 6 bottom panels, 2 end panels, an advanced pump, a filter combo, a skimmer, all necessary hardware, and a Latham vinyl liner.

The pool length can be ordered to whatever you need or have space for. We've even had customers who put their lap pool in their basement!

The cost of the tax and shipping will be determined by where you live and the size of the pool being shipped.

As you can see, our pools come at a great value when compared to a traditional in-ground pool which runs in the neighborhood of $45,000 - 60,000+

For more information, please Contact Us and we will respond in quick order!

Pricing Calculator

Use this tool to estimate the price of your lap pool! Keep in mind that this is only an estimate, and does not include shipping or tax.

Select the length of the pool

Pool length - 0ft.


Price estimate - Pre tax/shipping

* Please contact us for additional sizing options.

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