Pricing for the Above Ground Modular Lap pools are as follows:

A 30 ft' base model pool which consists of 12 side panels, 6 bottom panels, and two end panels, Advanced pump and filter combo, Skimmer,  all hardware, and Latham vinyl liner, runs $19,990.

The 40 ft. package  is priced at $22,499.

The 50 ft. package  is priced at $26,999.

And a 75 ft.package runs $39,499.

The pool length can be ordered to what ever you need or have space for.  We have customers who want to put a lap pool in their basement.

The cost of shipping will have to be determined by where you live.

As you can see, this pool is a great value over a 30ft. inground pool which runs in the neighborhood of $45,000 - 60,000.

An option for you to consider, is the Endless pool if you have limited space. They run around $28,000 - 40,000 plus installation....